Welcome to my one-woman show. I specialize in linking all your marketing efforts with cohesive and coordinated words, images and connections.

More than three decades of experience as a journalist, graphic artist, photographer, marketing strategist and special events promoter have provided insights seldom found in a single individual.

I started as a journalist when most businesses were celebrating the fax machine as magical, and photocopiers were larger and more expensive than today’s compact cars. My first camera was made in the 1940s, handed down to me in the 1960s by my dad. I was creating graphic art before desktop publishing was invented and no one dreamed that one day everyone would be carrying a device in their pocket with a million times the computing power of the spacecraft NASA trusted to take astronauts to the moon and safely back again.

Today, I do a bit of everything, a lot of some things , and all of it very well. An old friend dubbed me “Jill Of All Trades” back in the early ’90s, and it still suits me. Services include press release production and distribution, all types of online content, website design and production, photography, photo editing, and all types of graphic design – from logo design and online banner ads to old-fashioned rack cards, brochures, flyers, sales letters and yes, even letterhead and business cards. My specialty is integrating everything into a single cohesive unit that functions like clockwork to reach specific audiences and meet strategic targets. After all, if you can’t track the results, you might be wasting thousands of dollars and staff hours on marketing and advertising projects and you’ll never know. I can teach you the best metrics for measuring your marketing ROI, and help you save money while effectively and efficiently getting the word out about your product, service, event or promotion.

Please browse through these pages for a look at some of my favorite photographs. Visit my profile and portfolio page on Upwork.com to see a variety of my recent work…if you like what you see, you can hire me there with just a few clicks!